MakeupByTiffanyD Got a Makeover!

Because makeovers aren't just for people ;)
So if you guys have stuck around here for a while, you probably had gotten very used to the old look of the blog. It was here for a loooong time.
Over three years long. Shameful, I know.  Every time I looked at my blog it didn't make me happy. It just didn't feel like me, you know?  So I wanted to create a new look that was a lot more simplified and easier to navigate.
My FAVORITE thing about it? The comment section. It's sooo much easier for me to reply to your comments and for you all to reply to each other. I LOVE it. You may wonder, "Tiffany, that's not a genius concept. Why did you wait so long to do that?"
...I. Have. No. Idea.
All previous posts and everything you love is still here. Mostly just the look and a few functionality thingies have changed.
I feel like I've redecorated a room in my home. I've de-cluttered and I LOVE it.
So now since I'm loving the new look, I've decided this is a place I'd like to hang out at more often. More frequent posts, more variety, more good stuff. ;)

Also, many of you have probably noticed my recent addiction healthy interest in Instagram (a la the following photos)... This is new-blog related, and not just another excuse for me to ramble about Instagram, I swear. Sort of.

{if you want to follow me on Instagram for pics like these, my id is "makeupbytiffanyd"}

I began to notice most of my photos weren't just makeup-related, but  more fashion "outfit of the day" photos, my home decor photos, photos of accessories, nails, food, etc.  So I began to think that if those were all things I am interested in, then naturally, my blog is a good fit for that kind of stuff too.
In the past, I've definitely mixed it up a bit and have done posts on those sorts of things, but not as frequently as makeup-related posts. I've for sure had my out-of-the-box moments in the past. I mean who could forget my chronicles of Waylon's 1st Birthday?

Couldn't resist.  Or when I shared a million photos from our trip to the mountains last year? Painting dining roomsbuilding cafe shelves, anyone?

So I've decided to not hesitate to add stuff like that in around here as well. But DON'T WORRY! I'll still be doing makeup posts just as often (probably more actually), but I'll be adding in some different types of posts in between. Fashion posts, home decor/diy posts, recipes, etc.

So if you liked it here before, you'll still see the makeup-y goodness you always loved. Just more stuff added into the mix. Hope you guys love!

OH and speaking of makeovers, did you see my new coordinating banners on both of my YouTube channels?

 aaand I'm subscribed to myself. Well, that's embarrassing.


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