HUGE Forever 21 Fashion Haul! Crazy huge.

Forever 21 is one of those places that I really don't shop at regularly. I'll find a gem occasionally, but I've never had success with finding great things consistently. Part of the issue is that I'm not crazy about shopping in the actual store.  I'm a Forever21 online fan.
So Forever21 and I have some issues.

Anyway, I found a CRAZY amount of amazing things there recently. I placed a huge order after exploring the site for hours looking through pages and pages of things that seemed too good to be true.

I totally didn't expect to be MORE pleased with all of the stuff in person. Seriously, so many items were even better quality than I expected and the material seriously rivals things I've paid three times the price for.
Granted, I've found some treasures at Forever21 in the past, but never this much.

Ok, ok... I could seriously go on and on.  Here's the goods!


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