What I’ve Been Up To #1

I have never done one of these posts before but I have been up to SO much recently, so I thought I’d put it all together in one post.  I know a lot of bloggers do these and I love reading them, so maybe some of you will enjoy this too!

London Dungeons with Blackberry – You may remember seeing that back in October Lily and Zoe held a party at the London Dungeons with Blackberry and oh my gosh, it was ridiculously fun.  Imagine a group of beauty bloggers running from costumed men and going on scary rides – the whole place was filled with the sound of screams!  I got suitably tipsy, got ‘zombied’ up and even had tarot cards read!  I would do it all over again if I could!   Can you spot some of your fav beauty bloggers here?


The Beauty Awards 2012 – I was recently invited to The Beauty Awards 2012 and had a great evening! I had the chance to meet and chat to Dawn Porter and Andrex about their new ‘clean campaign’ which is all about their Andrex Washlets, which encourages women to wipe ‘down there’ with their wet washlets every time you go to the loo! A little bit of a taboo or controversial/embarrassing topic but Dawn Porter is definitely the woman to front the campaign – she is so honest and will talk about anything! Watch out for the Andrex Washlets advert which was filmed at the Beauty Awards (I can vouch that the wipes themselves are fab! Maybe I’ll even review them for you, if you’re lucky, ha!).

The event itself was fun – I sipped champagne next to Amy Childs and Denise Van Outen (and got a cheeky snap), had the most incredible beef steak dinner and had fun in a photo booth with Fei, Jen, Laura and Ondo!

bbeauty awards

Motel Rocks Event – Last week I headed to East London with Zoe and Lina for the Motel Rocks autumn/winter party at Floripa bar.  After browsing the absolutely gorgeous party dresses we had a few glasses of cocktails and then made a raucous in the photobooth!


In terms of my personal life - it has been very up and down recently!  If you follow my instagram (@katesnooks) you might have seen that my relationship with my boyfriend recently ended.  It has been tough, it wasn’t a decision I wanted to make, but I’m trying to maintain the quote that everything happens for a reason and keep positive about it.  When you go from speaking to somebody you really care about everyday, to not speaking at all, it is so tough and it hurts even though you know that it couldn’t go on how it was.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to keep busy and stay positive and know that one day I will meet my prince charming.   If anyone has some encouraging words on how to move on/forget about someone, that would be very helpful, because admittedly I am still finding it hard.

Forgetting all of that – I am incredibly happy;  I ADORE my job and have never been happier with my working life.  It’s stressful at times and super busy but I love it – I work with the loveliest bunch of people and have just been made permanent and full time so I couldn’t be happier!  One part of my job at the moment is organizing the Daily Mix TV Launch party which is going to be the party of the year – stay tuned for pictures!

Spot any of your fav bloggers in this post?  Would you like this to be a regular feature?  And have you got any love advice for me, haha!?



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