Millie Mackintosh Mayfair False Lashes Review!

I’ll admit now that I am a massive Made in Chelsea fan and have watched it since the beginning!  I know, I know, but one of the reasons I can’t get enough of it is how perfect the girls look all the time.  When Millie Mackintosh announced that she was launching a beauty product I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to give them a go!



I love false lashes but don’t wear them often; only for special occasions. A lot of lashes I have tried in the past have felt very uncomfortable whilst wearing them, and also very heavy, which is why I only wear them every now and then.

I tried Millie’s lashes in ‘Mayfair’ which are long yet natural looking lashes. I wore these out on a night out with Lina (blog here!) and I can tell you now that I am a MASSIVE fan! I have never worn lashes as comfortable as these in my life. I hardly even noticed I was wearing them. They didn’t itch my lash line, they didn’t feel heavy and I applied them with so much ease that I would even think about wearing these on a more regular basis. I think it’s down to the fact that they have such a thin and light strip that makes them so comfortable. These lashes are also 100% human hair which also means they feel natural and not spikey as some false lashes do.

The lashes also come with a latex free adhesive glue and a pair of tweezers which make applying them nice and easy.

I would really recommend these to anyone who would like to wear falsies a little more regularly, or those who have never worn them before and want to give falsies a try over this upcoming festive period.  I have another pair of Millie’s lashes still to try out (Soho – very dark and fluttery, perfect for parties!) so I’ll update again once I’ve tried those out!

What are your favourite false eyelashes?  Have you tried Millies yet?



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