50 Things About Me!

I jumped on the ‘tagging’ bandwagon and decided to film this video!  All the ones I’ve watched have been great and so I wanted to do one of my own!  I really hope you enjoy this video – I had right giggle making it.  Hopefully you can learn a little more about me, we might have some things in common!

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A few links to things I mention in the video -
My Tattoos - http://www.katiesbeautyblog.com/2011/05/tattoo-aftercare-what-to-use.html
Ghost Photography - http://katiesnooksphotography.com/Phantography.html
Scoliosis - http://www.katiesbeautyblog.com/2012/04/scoliosis-my-story.html
My Best Friend Alex - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY1Rj8GpaM8

Let me know if you have any more suggestions of things to film!



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