IMATS 2013! Our Trip in Pictures...

Hello Loves! I wanted to do a little (scratch that...huge) post about our trip to IMATS LA this weekend! As
of now, we're still here in Pasadena. I couldn't wait any longer to share some photos of the show and our time here.  Keep your eyes open on TiffanyDtv (my other "vlog" channel) for a vlog video of our weekend soon!

Ok, so before I get ahead of myself, if you haven't heard of IMATS, it stands for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. It's so fun because it's basically a huge convention full of makeup-y goodness.
Oh, and it's discounted.
Makeup. Heaven.

The show lasts 3 days. The first night, Pro Night, is open to those with a pro card for the event or to exhibitors. Since I was working with Sigma Beauty this year doing makeovers at their amazing booth again, I got in with my exhibitor pass, which was basically awesome. Because I actually got to shop this year!!
Yeah, I'm a little excited. 

Look out for a haul on my main MakeupByTiffanyD channel soon! ;) I got some GOOOOD stuff.

Ok so enough chit chat. Enjoy a million photos of our time in LA!

Gorgeous view from our room
MakeupByCamila and I about to head in to Pro Night!

k, so this is Pro Night. Look at all that shopping room... ;)






Later that night, we headed to dinner with the Sigma Beauty team and some other friends- MakeupByCamila and EleventhGorgeous

Then, we were all set for IMATS day 1... I headed in to do some makeovers at the Sigma Beauty booth...

The Sigma Beauty booth was HUUGE. Can you find me?? ;) 
The crowds for Sigma were intense.

I had so much fun meeting all of you! Thank you so much to all who stopped by to say hello and shop!

That night, we headed to the annual Sigma VIP Party at Pop Champagne Bar...


Thank you, Sigma for an amazing time!

Then, it was IMATS day 2 on Sunday...


 not sure what I'm doing in this photo (praying, maybe?) but it's kind of hilarious.

So I hope you all liked the photos! If I met you this weekend, thank you so much for taking the time to say hello! I love you all!!


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