My Sigma Beauty Meet & Greet/Store Grand Opening Event Photos. ...and some Ice Castles.

Hello Loves! First of all, thank you SO very much to all of you who came to see me today at the new Sigma Beauty store at the Mall of America. It was such a fun meet-and-greet to celebrate the Grand Opening of the store.
But before I get started sharing some of the photos I have, I've got to say that you all keep amazing me when I do events like this. In my mind, I'm never anticipating some huge crazy turn out for little old moi. Honestly, I never really prepare myself for how many of you really show up.  As always, you guys keep amazing me with crazy turnouts. It really means a lot to me that you all take the time to come chit chat with me about beauty; Sometimes just to share a quick "Hi" and a photo. It truly means so much that you all come to see me, sometimes with your whole family in tow.  It just means a lot. Ok, ok... you get it. Do you feel the love?? haha

Anyway, the event was so fun! I wanted to share a quick post with you to recap the event in photos. Maybe if you were there, you can spot yourself in a few! ;)

Oh, and can I just say how beautiful the Sigma Beauty store is? Seriously, photos don't do it justice.

Oh, and then we decided to check out the Ice Castle across the street from the mall. Ya know, because every good IKEA store has an Ice Castle in the parking lot.

Coldest I've ever been in my life, but it was beautiful.

 Not gonna lie, couldn't feel my face.

So fun seeing some snow since we rarely get any in Atlanta.

 Again, thank you for all who came out to see me today! Love you all!


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