New Sigma Individual Eye Shadow SWATCHES

So I've been meaning to swatch these beauties FOREVER! It's been tough not using them... (I usually try to keep makeup items I plan on swatching brand new until I photograph them for you all)  So now I'm super excited to be "allowed" to use them. ;)

So basically, Sigma has started selling individual eye shadows. You may recognize some shades from their palettes.  To me, the formula is even better on these and the pigmentation is amazing. It's a great range of 30 shades. I love the packaging... it's slim, yet it doesn't feel cheap. I also love the little boxes they come in.

...Presh, right?

So without further ado, here's the eye candy...

*I photographed these in groups of 3 because there are so many. I just grouped them into similar shades so you all can better compare the colors.

(l-r) Approach, Elope, Escape

 (l-r) Publicize, Chase, Beware

 Versailles, Command, Act

Notre Dame, Resist, Hitch

Elysees, Gossip, Allure

Grasp, Catch, Reveal

 Vanish, Shout, Triomphe

 Define, Orsay, Oversee

Crush, Louvre, Seine

 Control, Eiffel, Snoop

Click here to check out all the shades on the Sigma Beauty website!

Eye shadows are $11 each, but as always you can save 10% using the monthly code "BASE2013" (valid through Feb. 28th)

*I always keep a current Sigma Beauty monthly discount code in my sidebar. So check back if you ever need a current one!

LOTS of great things are in the works for this month! Can't wait to share them all with you... Talk to you soon!


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