Favourite Body, Skin & Hair Care Products of 2012!

This post follows on from my Favourite Makeup items from 2012 (which you can read here)!  Sorry again about how later this post is, but better late than never!

2012 bests 041

First up; Hair products!  This year, like any other, I have got through multiple cans of Dry Shampoo and last years favourite just had to be VO5’s Refresh Me Quick Shampoo, this smells beautiful and leaves my hair looking so fresh.  I haven’t photographed my favourite shampoo and conditioner but it’s a toss up between Ojon’s Dry Recovery range or Kevin Murphy’s Born Again range, both leave my dry hair feeling super soft and manageable.  Hair mask of 2012 goes to the absolutely incredible Macadamia Deep Repair Masque – this stuff is SO GOOD, probably my best find of 2012, I need to review this properly cause it’s just amazing.  I used and discovered a loada hair oils in 2012 but my favourite has to be the famous Morrocan Oil because it smells delicious and does a good job of smoothing my hair and making it easier to comb through after a wash.  I’ve also thrown in L’Oreal’s Salt Spray as my fav styling product as it makes my kinky hair look intentional!

Body products!  My skin played havoc last year and was dry all year round and so moisturizers played a big part of my regime.  I have two favourite body lotions as I couldn’t just pick one. They are the Kiehls Creme de Corps and La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5.  I slather Kiehls on to my whole body after a shower or bath but save the Cicaplast Baume for drier areas of my skin, like my legs and shoulders (where I get the most eczema), both are fab products.  Favourite shower gel obviously goes to Femfresh (not the most glamorous, ha!).  My favourite perfume of 2012 was my new discovery of Lolita Lempicka’s Si Lolita – this perfume was perfect for my holiday in May but also accompanied me through autumn and winter, review here.  Fav body spray was my usual favourite of Superdrug’s own range, in particularly ‘Delicious’ and ‘Flirty’.

Skincare!  Favourite makeup remover goes to Bioderma for it’s ability to remove makeup easily and quickly (review here), favourite face wash and skin care range goes to Paula’s Choice Clear range (review)– I still adore these products and will hopefully get some more to review very soon.  Favourite blemish cream goes to Quinoderm which is a must have product if you have blemished or acne prone skin, it works wonders. 

Finally a few miscellaneous products.  Sudocreme was my favourite multi-purpose product of 2012 and is incredible on blemishes and dry skin.  Favourite nail polish brand has to go to Nails Inc for their beautiful and high quality shades!

Phew – finally finished!  Sorry for this essay, it’s just nice to record all my favourites so that I can look back and see what’s changed next year (you can see last years favourites here and here).

What were your favourite hair, body and skin care products in 2012?



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