Get Ready With Me!
Day 5 of 10

I'm going on holiday with my boyfriend John NEXT WEEK and before I go I want to be acne free, hair free (in all the right places) with soft tanned skin and healthy shiny hair but I can't do it all in one day so follow me as I get ready to go.

If you have a special day you wanna get ready for like Prom, Debs, Homecoming or a wedding follow along and GET READY WITH ME!

Day Five: Smile

I hate my smile but I do feel better if I keep them white and bright. I never let them get too yellow in between treatments so my before and after pictures aren't much good,I use the 

Dial A Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 

Coupon code MUChair for 70% off the products too! 

I know Kandee Johnson is a fan but my brother Declan is a HUGE fan! He drinks a lot of red wine and suffers with sensitive teeth so he uses the whitening pen to get rid of the stains and he's teeth are lovely and naturally white now. 


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