I feel I should explain my comments on SPF that I made in my last video. I don't wear SPF everyday, I am aware you can still get sun damage through clouds but as I said I will be wearing a foundation with SPF of 15-17 which is enough I feel on cloudy days considering my skin type especially when I rarely leave the house. I don't go out every day, specially when it's not a nice day! I go out in the evening after work which is usually after 6pm. Might sound boring but I work from home so I have no reason to leave the house during the day.

I didn't want to lie and say " Oh I ALWAYS wear it, everyday!" though I knew this would be the back lash. I do always wear SPF on holiday or in the summer but the MAIN reason I don't wear it is because I breakout so easily it's hard for me to want to wear SPF just because there might be a chance I could be outside for a few minutes during the day.

I think it's great that you wear SPF everyday. I would always encourage friends and subscribers to protect the skin but I don't wear SPF unless I am out and about and lets face it when its cloudy and miserable who is out any ways, not me!

I should have realised I needed to explain that more in the video. I feel pretty stupid about it, that my comments were taking the wrong way. - Sinead.


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