Does it work!?

Veet Hair Removal Cream

I'm a bit of a freak about hair, I hate hair on my legs! 
I've tried waxing (had a terrible reaction that scarred me from doing it again
I've tried my using my epilator (which hurts my a female dog!) 

So I usually just shave but this time I tried Veet Hair Removal Cream

How much do you need?
I bought the 100ml cream and it only just about covered both legs from the top to the toes. You need to cover the legs in a even layer, don't rub it in, let it sit on the skin. 
I would think you'd get two "half leg" application out of it. 

Was it hard to use?
It comes with a little spatula thing that helps to blend it but I did apply it with my hands in the end because it was taking too long and you can't leave it for more then 10 mins so you must work quickly.
Wash hands right away!!

How long did it take?
I left it for 9 minutes only so I was totally sure the hair was gone but if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't leave it that long. 

The results?
Smooth hairless skin after rinsing but leaves an almost plastic feeling but that fades. I apply fake tan the next evening as it recommend 24-48 hours between moisturising or tanning (fake or otherwise)

Did it last?
It lasted for about 3 days feeling smooth-ish but the 4-5 I could see hair growing back. 

Did it work?
Overall I'm pretty happy with it, it's not the best things for the skin so I wouldn't use it regularly but I would definitely use it again before a holiday or event. Pretty happy with it! 

Love it? or hate it? let me know, 

Sineady xx


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