Meat Market Restaurant –Review!

Now I’ve never written a review of a restaurant OR about food of any sort on my blog before, but if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s how much I love food.  I think about food pretty much most of my day.  When I’m eating lunch, I’m thinking about what to have for dinner, etc.

I adore going to restaurants and eating out – it’s a proper treat to me and so I do it a lot (most of my money is spent on food).  I know this is a beauty blog, but if you guys don’t mind, I’d love to start writing a few more lifestyle/foodie type posts on here too!

I’ll start off with a review of Meat Market, a pretty tiny restaurant hidden just off Covent Garden.  It’s the sister restaurant of Meat Liquor, Meat Wagon etc (neither of which I’ve been to) so I was very excited to try this. 


My first visit was on a weeknight with some workmates and I had the Dead Hippy burger, which consists of 2 beef burgers, lettuce, cheese, pickles, minced onion and dead hippy sauce (a little like burger sauce).  It was lovely but I couldn’t help but feel like the actual meat didn’t have much flavour – the flavours of the sauce way overtook the meat, which was disappointing.  The chips are amazing, full stop.  There isn’t much available on the menu in terms of drinks so I just went for coke which came in a refillable paper cup.  (I was a little disappointed that there was only one flavour of milkshake available – vanilla)!

The meal was very messy so if you do go, make sure you’re not wearing white.  The interior is very small, with only about 10 high table and stalls and I’ve heard it can get quite busy if you go at weekends.  The restaurant is also above a market with no real windows (only clear plastic sheets) so it was freezing cold in there – just a word of warning!

I’ve since been back again and tried the Black Palace burger which I preferred to the Dead Hippy (although I can’t really tell the difference between the two).  I would recommend this place if you are after a real American, sloppy burger but it definitely wasn’t the best burgers I’ve eaten in the world.

What’s your favourite American-style restaurant?  Would you like to see more foodie posts?



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