My Picks of The New Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks–swatches!

The Body Shop recently re-launched their lipstick range with 25 gorgeous new ‘Colour Crush’ lippies which had me swooning from the get go.  I have full swatches coming up from the whole range, but for now, I thought I’d pick out my favourites to show you today!

the body shop lipstick swatchesthebodyshoplipsticks top picks L-R #335, #210, #205, #240, #115,#110, #105, #220
the body shop lippies

#220 Dare To Bare – A very pale, almost grey nude.  I feel like this is only a step darker than my natural skin colour and so it looks incredible with smokey eyes, but not so great otherwise.  I think this will be a favourite for many!

#110 Coral Blush – This is the shade I was instantly attracted to for it’s peachy undertones and nude base.  Exactly the type of everyday lip colour I normally wear.

#210 Sweetheart Pink – I can’t tell you the last time I wore a bright pink lippie – it’s a rare occurrence but I absolutely adore this pale Barbie pink.  Again, it won’t be for everyone as it is ridiculously pale but on good skin days I’ll definitely be whipping this out.

#105 Coral Cutie – This has already been feautred on my blog as it’s probably my favourite of the bunch – a bright orange based red which is super on trend at the moment!

#205 Passionate Pink – Another pink, this time a darker, blue toned pink which is on the verge of being almost neon.  Gorgeous bright shade for summer!

#115 Enraptured Red – The most perfect postbox red – one slick of this intensely pigmented lippie and you’ll have a pout like Marilyn!

#335 Hot Date – I chose this shade out as I thought it was endearing; a muted purple shade which will be so hot come autumn.  I like to think of this as colour with a mature twist.

#240 Damson in Distress – I have a thing for dark, purple lipsticks at the moment.  I think they are incredibly sexy and alluring and this one compliments my pale skin perfectly.  It’s love!

What I think:  These lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, soft and creamy; my perfect lipstick combination.  I really love the shades available and think the quality of them is really high.  These retail at £10 each which is slightly above your regular high street lippie, but their colour pay-off alone makes up for it.  One thing I’m not too keen on is the smell – it does put me off a little but not enough to not wear them.

Have you had a peak at the new Body Shop lippies?  Which of the above catches your eye?


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