Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Brush Review!

I’m already a massive fan of the Real Techniques Brush Range so when I heard they were launching a Limited Edition set I was very excited.  I’ve already featured them in my August favourites, but read on to hear more about what I think about the Duo-Fibre range!

real techniques duo fibre
duo fibre review 

The bristles on this brushes are very sparse and not dense at all, meaning the colour pick-up is very sheer and light.  When I first used these I was a little disappointed that it didn’t coat eye shadow and powder on as thickly as it should, but then I realised I had been using them entirely the wrong way.

These products work best (in my opinion) for creating a completely flawless, natural face.  I now use the duo-fibre Face Brush religiously for applying blusher or bronzer and it does THE most incredible job (more so than any other blusher brush I have used).  I often have the problem of applying a little too much blusher and it completely ruins the look.  With the Face Brush however, as it picks up the most tiny (yet even) bit of product and I am able to build up my blusher to create the most incredible glow – I literally look glowing when using these brushes.  This goes for highlighter as well (the smaller Eye Brush being perfect for adding a flush of shimmer on cheek & brow bones).

The Eye Brush is also great for blending out eye shadow (rather than applying it) and the Contour Brush works well contouring (obviously)!  Duo-Fibre brushes in general are great for both powder, cream an liquid products so they are great for experimenting with to work out what works best for you.

These will not be everyone’s cup of tea but I for one am a massive fan.  This limited edition range retails for £23.99 in all Boots stores, check them out if you can!  I thank Sam Chapman for releasing these!

Are you a Real Techniques fan?  What do you think of Duo-Fibre brushes?



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