A little skort-y pre-Fall OOTD

Hello and happy Monday, Loves!
Today I'm sharing a little "pre-Fall" outfit of the day that I wore this weekend for a girls' night out. I feel like it's a perfect mix of classic and simple, yet a little edgy.  As I've said so many times, my style is all about balance. I never like to go too edgy or too feminine. If I wear a more conservative or classic dress or top, I mix it up with some tough accessories or some edgier shoes. However, if I wear a dress or outfit that may be a bit revealing or edgy, I tone down the accessories and may not wear sky-high shoes. It's just all about hitting a good balance and putting things together in a way that makes you comfortable and reflects your personal style. How an outfit makes you feel is sometimes more important than how it looks.

This was one of those outfits that just felt like "me".  Not too fussy and not overly put-together or too trendy.
...With a few little fun touches. Comfortable and just right.

See all that "Fall" on the ground? :)

I had tried-on this little asymmetrical "skort" in white at Zara months back, at the beginning of Summer. Funny because in white, I really disliked it. I felt like I looked like I had wrapped myself in a cloth napkin...  Something about the black looks a little nicer to me. Now, I'm diggin' it! 

...and I'm not even gonna lie... I haven't owned a "skort" since seventh grade.

If you're wondering, a skort is essentially shorts from the back with a wrap in front to create the look of a skirt. Genius, right? Personally, I feel that the skort is an under-appreciated article of clothing.
I really felt comfortable in it! So much easier than a skirt. I felt like I could get away with wearing this somewhat shorter look in a skort rather than a full-on skirt. It's so much easier to wear than a skirt this short, and looks so much nicer.

Let's talk about the presh bag too...

It's the Coach studded "Mini Tanner".  I had originally wanted (an un-studded) one in a super bright and fun color (hey, there's always time...), but I really think this new studded version for Fall was more "me".
I wear it cross-body a lot and actually kept the long strap on it to wear it on my shoulder throughout the night. Although, I found that I never did so I ended up removing the long strap at dinner and storing it inside the bag.  I've just been really enjoying it because it goes with everything.

So the pretty basic, silk top, paired with the little edgy skort with fun lines worked well paired with the classic shoes in a fun color and a studded bag. See how it all kind of works together and creates a good balance? That's what style is all about! Well, my personal style at least!

Speaking of Fall, keep your eyes open for the second installment of my "Fall Trends" video series coming up this week!
Check out part one here if you missed it!

How would you (or how do you) style a skort like this?


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