MAC Holiday 2013- DIVINE NIGHT

Hello and Happy Halloween everyone!
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Ok, so here are the items I have from a part of the the new MAC 2013 Holiday Collection- Divine Night. As soon as I receive any other holiday collections, I'll of course share!
**check out al the rest of the MAC Holiday Collection in my new post HERE 

These are just the pieces I have. I don't have the complete collection, but you can see every product from Divine Night, and more on each product here (Nordstrom).

So this collection is made up primarily of MAC Mineralize products: 6 Mineralize Eye Shadows, 3 Mineralize Blushes, and 3 Mineralize Skinfinishes. If you've followed me for a while, you probably remember all of my rants about the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows. I either like them or I hate them. I never really love them, but some are definitely better than others. But the ones I don't like? Totally horrible. Haha, so maybe I'm being dramatic, but that's just my thoughts.

The Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection mostly fall into my "like" category. I like these that are two (or more) SOLID colors totally separated.  The ones I despise are the swirly ones. Ok, so let's just jump right into it!

So I have three of the six eye shadows...

Mineralize Eye Shadows, $23.

Tonight's Temptation
outside: black with pearl base, inside: royal blue (frost)

outside: bright white gold base, inside: deep gold (frost)

Until Dawn
outside: soft gold base, inside: purple taupe (frost)

There are three more shadows-
Exquisite Ego (outside: Bronze base, inside: soft white champagne)
Past Midnight (oustide: Blackish purple with violet pearl base, inside: soft white pink frost)
Gilded Night (outside: Bright gold with silver pearl base, inside: black with pearl frost)

I reallllly want to check out the Gilded Night because I'm a sucker for black shadows, and the black and gold combo is just gorgeous. The purple one (Past Midnight) looks good too. I'll have to check those out in person before I actually purchase though.

Next up, the Mineralize Blush. I have one out of the three.
I actually have always been a fan of the mineralize blushes for the most part. However, I just realized my preference for these is the TOTAL opposite of the eye shadows! I actually prefer the swirly ones (ones that look like swirled paint), whereas I sometimes have trouble using the more solid ones (like these) as actual blush because they're so frosted. So for these, I like to wear them lightly over a bronzer for a light glow when I don't mind a bit of frost on my cheeks. Or maybe even over another blush for a bit of a glow. For me, personally, I definitely would not apply these like a typical blush. It would just be too much frost. But the colors are pretty!

Mineralize Blush, $27.50

Talk of the Town
warm brown base with yellow bronze (satin)

All of the blush shades are described as a "satin". Well, let me tell you, there is NOTHING satin about this shade...haha. It's probably the most frosted blush I've ever seen with actual sparkle in it as well.

There are two more that I don't have- one that is a bit more violet, and one that is a bit more coral.

Next, the Mineralize Skinfinishes. Again, I have one out of three.
The one I have is very smooth with a lot of sheen. Not chunky and shimmery like some.

Mineralize Skinfinish, $33.

Perfectly Poised
outside: bronzy coral with golden tones, inside: creamy beige with pinkish purple sheen

I mean... is it me or are these getting crazy expensive? Seriously I'm waiting for the day when they hit $50 a piece...haha

A few eye liners...

Fluidline, $17.50

deep smoked violet with red pearl

Kohl Power Eye Pencil, $17.50

left, Orpheus
right, Raven

Now for the lip products...
(two of five lipsticks)
Lipstick, $16.50

left, Private Party -dirty plum mauve (satin)
right, Flair for Finery -cool pink nude (lustre)

Both of these lipsticks are gorgeous. I think Private Party would make the perfect dark, berry lip without looking too matte or intense. Of course, Flair for Finery is a shade I would probably wear a bit more because nudes are just easy to me. However, not all nudes are great. This one is actually really nice and wearable because it's not too matte or "paint-like". This one has a nice gloss to it and lets a bit of your natural lip color shine through so it doesn't give you that zombie effect. (Halloween reference ftw)

aaand their corresponding glosses...

Cremesheen Glass, $22.

top, Private Party
bottom, Flair for Finery

Finally, one of three nail lacquers...

Nail Lacquer, $ 17.50

Military - black matte with silver suede pearl (frost)

This looks like a super pretty one. I'll wear it soon and update this post! Not about to mess up my new manicure. :)

So as always, you can check out the entire collection HERE (Nordstrom).

So what do you all think about this collection? Anything you're particularly excited for??

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