Lockonego Salon Review: Before & After!

I had a bit of a hair mishap recently and realised last week that the ends of my hair were well and truly frazzled.  As you may know, I HATE going to the hairdressers; I’m very rarely happy with the end result and often go home crying (sad, but true).  Because of this, I tend to have as few trims as possible each year but as my hair was in a desperate state I decided it was time!

I went along to Lockonego in Knightsbridge for an appointment with Clairol’s UK Ambassador Jonathon Long, who gave me the most incredible cut and talked me through the 6 new nice’n easy Colour Blend Foam shades (which sound pretty incredible, Jonathon even said he prefers them to some of the more high end dyes)!

Actually embarrassed about how much I resemble Hagrid in the ‘before’ picture!

Jonathon working his magic & the after shot – feeling like a movie star!

The experience itself was lovely.  Jonathon & I talked through my hair and what I wanted doing and then I had an incredible hair wash (with a girl with super strong hands, it was almost like a massage) and a Morroccan Oil treatment was put through my hair and left in whilst trimmed.  It was then washed off and blow dried before adding a few more final touches and thinning parts of the hair out so they fall better.  I thought I’d post some before and after hair pictures here just so you can see the difference and judge for yourself! 

My hair now feels so much lighter and easier to manage, although it doesn’t quite cover my ‘chest area’ (if you get me!) anymore (feel less like a mermaid than I did) however it was much needed and I’m so, so happy!

Lockonego is based in Knightsbridge (website here - http://www.lockonego.com/) and the Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam is available in highstreet stores now at £6.99!

Have you ever been to Lockonego?  How often do you get a trim?



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