Decorating with Mirrors and Mirrored Furniture... At My House.

Hello everyone and happy "hump day". Coming at you with a little (ok, kind of big) post all about how I decorate with mirrors around my home. This post is also full of tips on how you can really open up and glam-out your own space (on a budget) with these reflective beauties.

First things first.  You should change the way you think about mirrors. Yes, they're functional. But if you don't think of them already as decorative objects that can work some major magic, then, well...start thinking of them that way. ;)  You'll be shocked at how a few well-placed mirrors can make a small space seem larger and glam-up any room in a sophisticated way.  Oh and we're not just talking about wall mirrors, guys. We're talking mirrored accessories and furniture too.

So first of all, lets start with mirrors in small spaces. If you've got a smaller room, or a wall that blocks off a space, you can really open it up and make it more visually appealing with a few mirrors.
For example, this wall in our family room.

It kind of blocks off the right side of the room. So to make the wall feel less "enclosing", I added this fun peacock mirror.
 You can find (uber expensive) versions of these all over the place, but mine is from Wisteria. It looks super heavy and substantial, but it's just foolin' ya. It's sort of hollow. Anyway, I love how the little inlaid mirrors create a sparkly effect and reflect the bookcase and the rest of the room to give the wall some depth.

Same for our little "sitting room/formal living room/whatever room"

This has always been one of my favorite rooms in our house. It's right off our entry way.  You can see just how small the space is. So this room is dealing with a few things... its small size and the wall on the back (which is an exterior wall) so it makes the house look a bit enclosed.
To make the room look endless, I added this gorgeous mirrored console table (I scored for a MAJOR deal at the Ballard Designs outlet) and three mirrors (which I also scored for an even more MAJOR deal at the same place). These babies were $30 a piece. Usually, well over $200. Told ya. MAJOR deal.

The illusion of the rug reflecting in the table is my fav. It makes the wall and room look so much larger.

Another example of "extending" a room with a wall mirror is in our dining room.
 Yes, this is one of my more "dramatic" rooms. I think you can get away with really fun things and bold colors in a dining room. It's one of those places that should just make you happy. Anyway, this wall just wouldn't be the same without a big mirror. Since the room is painted a darker shade (Behr Cinnabark...LOVE), I added this large beauty and a few mirrored sconces on each side to again, give the room more depth and draw your eye further. Creating an illusion of more space.

Don't get me wrong, I realize that people know there is no more actual space there. I get that a mirror will not fool anyone to think there is more space beyond it. That isn't the point. It's the illusion it creates and how it makes you feel when you walk into a room with well-placed mirrors. Rather than an enclosed feeling, it just gives a feeling of more space.

The same can be done with mirrored furniture in a room. A few pieces of mirrored furniture can be mixed into any type of decor if done sparingly. For example, my sweet little much-loved jewelry armoire from Pier 1 that you all have seen in the background of my videos for the past 3 years.

This is my little filming room/2nd guest bedroom. It's the smallest bedroom in our house, so it needs all the help it can get in the space department. A full set of traditional furniture would definitely not work in here. So I mixed and matched. My fav pieces are my mirrored ones in here. This piece is the only mirrored piece you see when you first walk into the room (my mirrored vanity I film from is on the opposite wall). Anyway, this piece placed at an angle gives the corner some depth and doesn't enclose the space. It reflects the rest of the room in a really flattering way.

Another one of my fav mirrored pieces of furniture lives in our little lofty hallway area. It's not a huge area, but it's not as small as a typical hallway. So adding this piece of furniture is great because it provides some extra storage and pretty-ness without looking intrusive or overwhelming for the space.  I also love the look of these as side tables in a bedroom. I ordered this one from Target years ago at a great price.

K, so you may have noticed the pretty little "sunburst" or "starburst" mirror above the bed in the little armoire photo. These can be so flattering above a bed. Over any focal point of a room, really. Whether it be a mantle, bed, etc... they're fab. Apparently, I have a bit of an obsession with these types of mirrors in our home. You're totally not going to believe me but I did NOT mean to have a version of these above every bed in our house. It just naturally happened when I was decorating. Promise.

Here it is again in that room (2nd guest bedroom)...
Oh, and the mirror is from Target.

and a grouped version in our larger guest bedroom (where guests actually sleep...haha...the "makeup" room above is rarely used for guests)...
These are from Ballard Designs (outlet)

Yeah, this one isn't over a bed, but it's still over the focal point of the room. In my newly redecorated office over my much-loved desk...
To see more of this room and how I basically redecorated without making any big purchases, click here for my Office Reveal post.

and my FAVORITE sunburst mirror of them all, in our master bedroom...
This one was a super lucky find from Kirklands years ago for $50. I've seen similar versions sold for 4 times the price!

You may also notice a few other mirrored pretties in this photo... The pretty "paned" mirrors leaning on our side tables. Seriously, these things weigh like 100 pounds each. When I bought them (another amazing $70 a piece find at the Ballard Outlet in Atlanta), I was hoping to hang them. But the weight scared me. So I placed a small strip of foamy non-skid drawer liners cut to the size of the mirror bases between the mirror and our side tables, so as not to damage them and so that they'd stay put. You can also anchor them in the wall with a wall hook and some picture wire to make sure they don't fall down, especially if you have pets or kiddos running around. Or just for your own safety, let's be honest.
Because I'm pretty sure these would squash me...
Anyway, these made our room look so much bigger! Our ceiling is vaulted in that room, so the wall that the bed is on is pretty short. These make the wall look so much taller and majorly open up the room. Again, it creates some depth for your eye when you walk into the room, since this is the first wall you see.

That's another big tip. In most of my rooms with mirrors on the walls, the mirrors are always on the wall you see when you first walk in. It keeps the room from feeling so enclosed. Not that you should always follow that tip. Placing them on awkward side walls (like I did with my peacock mirror) works great too. Just go with what is visually pleasing to you! After all, you're the one who has to look at it! :)

So speaking of "leaner" mirrors, I've used these in a few other places in our home.

In our little 2nd guest bedroom/filming room/makeup room (it has identity issues), sits this little pretty from Target. You may remember it from this post. Yeah, I caved.

Another leaner that gets a lot of love in our home lives in our entryway...
This 7-foot beauty is another super cheap find from Kirklands. That's another thing. Mirrors can be SUPER pricey. While most places seem to charge for their weight in gold, you can find some great ones if you know where to look!  You may pick up on a pattern in this post. I get a lot of mine from discounted places like outlets or from stores like Target and Kirklands. You can find some gems for amazing prices at those places!

Oh and speaking of not spending a lot, I am LOVING this idea I found on Pinterest (via ApartmentTherapy)

 SUCH a big statement just from hanging a few of those super cheap-o (I'm talking less than $20 each) mirrors that are meant to be hung behind a door. You know, those really flimsy mirrors...  When hung horizontally stacked like this, they create a really awesome statement. LOVING this idea.

Now for some tips on how I placed some of my fav mirrored accessories. A few of these well-placed beauties can change the look of a space completely.

My favorite, the mirrored tray.

This one holds some little apothecary jars full of treats in a corner of our kitchen. I love how it brought in a modern element to the kitchen and of course a little sparkle.  

This little tray in the center of our kitchen table in our breakfast area made our really traditional "farmhouse" style table feel a bit more modern as well.

and finally, this tray I've had for ages from Target years ago. It's lived everywhere in our home at some point, but I LOVE it on the nightstand in our guest bedroom.  It brightens up the little dark side table and mixes well with the dark antique furniture in that room to offset it a bit and give it a more glamorous feel.

I also love throwing in a mirrored picture frame here and there on a big bookshelf full of items. It gives it a little sparkle.  This one is from Target.

and Finally, my little cute mirrored jewelry box and mirrored lamps on our dresser in our master bedroom.
Years back, I removed the mirror that came with the dresser because it was HUGE. I added a little gallery wall of Target frames full of black and white images of landscapes of places we've visited.  Anyway, since this wall is mirror-free, I added some depth with the jewelry box and two matching mirrored lamps I've literally had since my early college days from Wal-Mart (lampshades are from Target). 

 Whew.... I told you it was going to be a big post! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I decorate with mirrors and that you picked up a few helpful tips along the way! Like I always say where decor is concerned, there are no absolute rules. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good!
Where are your fav places to find mirrors or mirrored accessories?


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