MAC Archie's Girls Collection SWATCHES

K, so you all have no idea how fun this collection is for me. A little story for ya... When I was little, I was obsessed with getting those thick little Archie Comic digest books at the grocery store. I loved them. So much that my car is named, ahem, Veronica. Yeah I have no shame.
And I name my cars.

Ok back to the makeup... I think this is such a cute collection idea. The sweet, girl-next-door shades in the Betty half of the collection are offset by the deeper, more vivacious colors in the Veronica half.  Just in time for Valentine's Day.

The packaging is absolutely presh. With the likeness of either Betty and Veronica printed on their correlating products. Little sweet hearts and the comic likenesses of Betty, Archie, and Veronica make for such fun and happy packaging, reminiscent of the 1950's. SO cute, I can't even take it.

So while I was (obviously) instantly charmed by the collection itself and the packaging, the products and colors are the most impressive part. Which I have definitely not been able to say about a MAC collection in a very long time. Let's face it, the quality of the products IS the most important part.

Since I wanted to keep this post all about the swatches and photos, I'll save my specific thoughts for my video review which you can check out here or at the bottom of the page. So don't miss that if you want more of my thoughts on this collection and my must-have items.

So without further ado, here's the swatchy goodness...

*Keep in mind, this is not the entire collection, just the products I received.

MAC Archie's Girls
Available at all MAC locations February 7, 2013- April 4, 2013 

 lipstick, $16.50

 (l-r) Daddy's Little Girl, Boyfriend Stealer, Ronnie Red

Betty Bright

 Lipglass, $16.50
(l-r) Strawberry Malt, Feelin' So Good, Kiss and Don't Tell, Summer Sweetheart

Powder Blush, $22.

 (l-r) Cream Soda, Prom Princess

 Pearlmatte Face Powders, $30
 (above) Flatter Me, (below) Veronica's Blush

 (l-r) Flatter Me, Veronica's Blush

Eye Shadow x4 in Caramel Sundae, $44
(l-r) Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker, Caramel Sundae, Showstopper

Eye Shadow x4 in Spoiled Rich, $44
 (l-r)Pin-Up Purple, Spoiled Rich, Ron Ron Run, Gravel

Pigment, $23

 (l-r) Magic Spells, Black Poodle

(l-r) Lucky in Love, Cheers My Dear

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner, $16.50

 (l-r) Black Swan, Patrol Blue, Designer Purple, Lord it Up

Opulash, $17.50
 Comes in original formula, Optimum Black (Betty), and a more volumizing formula, Bad Bad Black (Veronica)

Nail Lacquer, $17.50
 (l-r) Comic Cute, Pep Pep Pep, Past Curfew, Double Trouble

Yours Forever Tote (online only) $49.50

So are you more Betty or Veronica?

 Don't miss my "first thoughts" video below!

Products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no agreements or obligations to feature on my blog or videos.


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