Voluminous, Long-Lasting Curls PERFECT for Valentine's Day!

Two posts in one day? No, I haven't lost my mind. Just excited to share my new absolute favorite way of doing my hair with you all! Just in time for Valentine's Day! Or a girls' night... Or the grocery store.
You know, whatever.

I can't say enough good things about this method of curling hair. It's easy, it takes 10 minutes, and it lasts until you wash your hair next. Seriously. I've rocked these 2 days in a row before. Sleeping on them and everything. It's crazy.
I've been doing this for a few months now. So for those of you that have been curious about my hair in any of my recent Instagram pics where my hair is curled (ahem, you should totally follow me if you don't! I post pics daily), my recent Sigma Beauty store event, or from IMATS, this is the method I used! Basically any curled hair photos from the past few months, this is the technique.

I know I sound way too excited about this, but seriously, those of you who have ever had issues curling your hair, whether it's the difficulty or the fact that it looks great for an hour and then suddenly turns to crap, this technique is SO worth a try!
My issue with curling hair isn't the ease or that I can't spray the heck out of it to make it last, but because I have super straight and hard to curl hair, curling it could be stressful.  Stick with me... What I mean is that, sure it looked great when it was fresh, but wherever I was going, I would worry that it was falling or that depending on the weather (HELLO southern humidity), it would look totally different and curl-free when I got to wherever I was going.
This method is so great because I can BRUSH my hair. Yes, brush it...  It stays soft and super curly. For days.
and days.
Oh and it doesn't look like crunchy curls. Soft, easy, carefree hair. I love it.
Ok, you get it. I'm a little excited about this technique and so happy I've got a go-to method for curling my hair now.

Check out my video below for a full step-by-step tutorial so you can perfect this method too!

Here's a few things you'll need to get the look...

Paddle brush (mine is el cheapo by Conair. Don't spend your life savings on a brush. Just sayin.)
Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press heat protectant spray (miracle stuff)
Hot Tools 1" curling iron (any 1" curling iron will do)
TreSemme Tres Two Hair Spray
small claw clip


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