Favourites: Spring/Summer Perfumes!

I’ve still been a little obsessed with perfumes recently and so I decided to pick out a few of my favourites for spring/summer, telling you just why I love them!

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Jo Malone Elderflower & Gooseberry – This LE perfume holds a special place in my collection as it smells identical to one of my Grandmas lipsticks (which I cherish and sniff occasionally as it reminds me of her – anyone else sentimental like this?).  This smells just divine, super summery, powdery and sweet.  I hope this stays around for a little longer because it’s just beautiful – sniff it if you can!

Miss Dior Cherie – I think this is my third bottle of this and it has been one of my favourite perfumes since I was 18.  I started wearing this after a friend bought it on holiday (a girly trip to Lanzarote) and ever since then it has been a smell that reminds me of holidays abroad!  This is such a beautiful, easy scent to wear and has fruity, sweet and woody notes! 

Kiehls Orange & Lychee – I have a little bit of an obsession with this perfume and can’t get enough of it. From the simple, almost clinical packaging to it’s sweet scent, I adore it.  This smells like summer in a bottle to me, with notes of honey, orange flower, lychees and rose.  This is another really powdery scent which I seem to love. 

Jo Loves Mango Nectar – I have reviewed this previously (here) and it is just the ideal spring/summer scent because it literally smells like freshly squeezed mango; it makes my mouth water!  You can’t go wrong with fruit in the summer months and I know this will go down a storm!

Now, I wrote this post out and then discovered another spring/summer fragrance will has headed straight into my top 5, which is Diptyque’s new floral fragrance – Eau Moheli which contains pink pepper (one of my person favs), ginger, incense, vetier and ylang-ylang; this smells nice in the bottle but really comes alive once sprayed on the skin.  Full review coming soon!

I’d absolutely love to hear what your favourite spring/summer perfumes are!  Please do leave a comment with your favourite and I’ll hunt then down and have a whiff!

What’re your fav spring/summer perfumes? 



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