Favourite (Top 5) Eyeshadow Palettes!

Eye shadow palettes are definitely a weakness of mine; I simply can’t resist them! I’m definitely a girl who spends a lot of time and makeup focusing on the eyes rather than any other part of my face and am very rarely seen without eye shadow or eyeliner.

Now, it’s obvious that I adore palettes for the simple fact that they contain multiple eye shadows in one product, meaning I don’t have to carry around millions of individual products, instead I have everything in one container. This makes travelling so easy and generally saves time getting ready as I don’t have to search through the drawers of makeup looking for one particular colour.

I thought I’d put together a selection of my favourite ever eye shadow palettes for some inspiration!

palettes numbered

1) Pixi Palette – This is one of my newest palettes and I adore it. It’s pretty swanky as it contains 20 eyeshadows (a selection of both matte and shimmer) as well as three blushers, two bronzers and a highlighter. I use this palette to create a variety of looks and I really love it. For £16 it’s a bargain as well.

2) HD Brows Kit in Vamp (review) – Now this is supposed to be a brow palette but I use it for eye shadows (and brows) and it has not left my daily makeup bag for the past year. Although the cream shade is too dark for my pale skin, the taupe-grey-brown is the most perfect shade for my eyebrows and works fantastically in the crease of my eye. I also adore the black shadow for setting my eyeliner and also adding a little more smokiness into my look. This is the palette I reach for to create my smokey-matte daytime look.

3) MUA Undress Me Too (review) - I recently reviewed this (you can see it here) and I really like it for it’s affordable price (only £4) and good quality shadows in colours similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes (which I do love but decided not to feature in this post).  A great palette to own if you are afraid of wearing shadows – these shades can ease you in to the world of smokey-eyes!

4) Sleek’s Storm Palette – My favourite and most used palette ever, I have been I have used two of these already and have another three as back ups. Now when I say ‘used’, I obviously haven’t used every single colour in the palette, but I mean I have come to the end of my three favourite colours in the palette which are the light gold, bronze and dark brown. I used this palette daily for about two years to create my signature shimmery gold smokey eye and just adore this particular selection of shades.  The matte black is perfect for all types of looks (I use it to line my top lash line) and the silvers and blues also make a stunning black smokey eye.  It’s love!

5) Famous Cosmetics Palette in Exposed (review) – This was one of the first Famous Cosmetics products I tried and the quality of the shadows just blew me away.  These shimmery shades are SO pigmented, they create the most beautiful shimmery brown eye.  There are also two neutral matte shades in there in case you’re not feeling the need to dazzle.  For under £5 on the highstreet, this is a catch!

So there we have it – my top 5 favourite palettes.  Of course, I do have many others which I love and adore but these came out on top.  Let me know if you would like to see more of my favourite palettes and I’ll pop them in another post for you!

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?



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