How I Get a Flawless Bronze Glow with Chanel Bronze Universal

...and Sheer Illuminating fluid. Seriously that stuff is like magic in a bottle.

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself.
So I recently purchased two amazing products in the Soleil Tan De Chanel line...
The Bronze Universal and Sheer Illuminating Fluid.

These two products are genius, especially when used together.

Bronze Universal is a bronze cream product and the Sheer Illuminating Fluid is exactly what it sounds like. A perfect sheer illuminating liquid in the perfect shade of bronze. Both products are the perfect shade of bronze. I'm convinced that they will work with ANY skin tone.
Here's a closer look at what the Bronze Universal is all about...

Yes, mine is used and loved. Keepin' it real.
If the concept of a cream bronzer freaks you out, worry not my friend. I was there too. After using it for the past several days, I actually find it to be easier and more natural looking than a traditional powder bronzer.  After lots of experimenting (and several bronzed brushes later...) I've found the PERFECT method of application (for me at least). For details all about the application and my favorite brushes to use with it, don't miss my tutorial using these products below!

Seriously, this stuff is amazing.
I could go on all day, but there's an accompanying video for that. ;)

Check out my video below for a full tutorial on how I apply both products to get the perfect bronze glow!


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