Jo Loves Mango Perfume Reviews!

I’ve definitely been going through a bit of a perfume phase at the moment (does anyone else go through phases of beauty products they are most obsessed about or is it just me?).  I’ve been hearing quite a bit about Jo Loves, Jo Malones side project, on the grapevine recently and wanted to try the fragrances out for myself!

I chose two perfumes which I was drawn to the most and I couldn’t have been happier with my choices, these fragrances are right up my street.


Mango Nectar EDT – Imagine someone squeezing a fresh, juicy mango, right underneath your nose and that is exactly what this perfume smells like once spritzed.  This actually makes my mouth water.  It settles down into a nice elegant, fruity scent which is very easy to wear, especially in the summer months!

A Shot of Oud Over Mango – Now, this won’t be to everyone’s taste (my Mum for example took one whiff of this and hated it).  I, on the other hand, adored this perfume from the first spritz.  This is quite a manly, spicy scent (I love wearing masculine scents, they make me feel sexy) but this contains top notes of Mango to give it a fruity feel.  The base note, Oud Wood, along with Black Pepper in the top notes gives it a deliciously handsome feel.  This is quite a strong, confident perfume so it’s one I save for the evenings (and I will definitely be forcing my next man to try this out – I think it’s one for both the sexes). 

Jo Loves fragrances are available to purchase for £45 for 30ml at  I’ve also heard that there will be a Jo Lovees store opening soon, as soon as I have more info I’ll update this post!

I have also smelt the rest of the range and can confirm that Pink Vetiver and  Orange Tuille are also beautiful!  Try and sniff them if you can!

Will you be trying any Jo Loves fragrances?  What’s your favourite fruity perfume?



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