MAC Blusher Collection – Swatches!

I’m here today to show you my entire MAC Blusher collection. I absolutely adore all MAC products and blushers are a particular weakness of mine. I thought I’d film a video telling you a bit about them and you can also find swatches in this post too!

L-R Happy Together, Moonriver, Hipness, Pinch O’ Peach, Strada, Melba, Peaches, Ladyblush

MAC Blusher Collection!

Strada- My favourite blusher which has now been discontinued. In short, this makes my cheekbones look incredible! I need to find a blusher dupe of this for when it runs out – if you have any recommendations then do let me know!

Melba – Melba is the most stunning warm peach shade which really warms up my complexion. I think this is a really popular shade and really recommend it!

Peaches – Peaches is obviously a bright peach blush, which actually looks really similar in the pan to Melba.

Pinch O Peach – I have no idea why it is called Pinch O’ Peach because this pink blusher contains NO peach at all! A little bit silly, but it’s still a nice shade. I tend to steer clear of pink blushers as I think warmer tones suit me more.

Hipness – This was part of ‘To the Beach’ collection and I’ll admit I bought it mostly because of the seahorse on the front. In terms of colour, it’s a gorgeous pink with hints of peach and a gorgeous shimmer running through it too.

Moonriver – I absolutely love and adore this product. It was released in the Mineralized Collection and it contains two different sides – one shimmery pink blush and one highlighters with blue and silver veins running through it. This is gorgeous in the summer on dewy skin, but can be a little glittery.

Happy Together – Another one from the Mineralized Collection. I don’t use this often as it is a little brown and orange on me, but used well it’s a gorgeous contour/bronzer.

I know in the video I mentioned my MAC Skinfinish powders and highlighters but I’m going to save them for a separate post! 

Do let me know if you enjoyed this and if you would like any more brand collection posts/videos!

What are your favourite MAC blushers? Can you recommend me some more?

All purchased with my own money!


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