New NAILS! Chanel Bel-Argus... The New Classic Blue.

Blue has always been my favorite color. Deep, (yet bright) royal beautiful-ness. Blue has always made me feel happy and calm. I love blue. Especially on nails.
Oh, and I love Chanel.
When I saw Chanel's new Bel-Argus shade in their Summer 2013 collection, I was in love. Had to have it. Immediately.
So I placed an order (and picked up quite a few other Chanel goodies in my latest haul) and danced around when this baby hit my doorstep. Also ordered that day? A new top coat I've been super curious about... The Dior Gel Coat. *Review on that will be coming to the blog soon... Can't exactly review something like a top coat right away. I want to see how it affects the actual wear of the nail color for a few days.

So here it is! Beautiful, blue, and gorgeous.  The color applied perfectly. Chanel shades, in my experience, can be very hit or miss. So I'm so excited that this one is a keeper!  With two thin coats, it came out gorgeous.

My biggest tip where this shade is concerned... Don't be afraid of it! WEAR IT. With everything.  Blue can be scary to some, but while this one is still really fun, it's surprisingly very classic and wearable.

It's definitely my new go-to blue. Have you guys tried this shade? What are your favorite blue nail polishes?


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