Coats DO Make an Outfit: My TOP 5 for Fall

During the cooler months, I think that coats are the most important part of your outfit. It's what people see first. It makes a statement and pulls everything together. If you've got a great coat or jacket, you don't always have to put a ton of thought into the rest of the outfit. The coat does all the work. So if you have several options, you're good to go. It's kind of "lazy-dressing" mentality, but it works and I love it. Just keepin' it real.
So since the temperatures are dropping and my coat closet is about to open for business, I figured I'd share with you all my favorite outerwear pieces for Fall, new and old, that provide me with LOTS of variety where Fall/Winter looks are concerned.

The pieces...

1. black leather "moto" style jacket... Tinley Road
I seriously LOVE this jacket. It's super soft and worn-in, it goes with everything, and I got a great deal on it. It's loooved.  I got it from about 3 years ago for $52. I can't find this particular one anymore online, but these moto-style jackets are everywhere now. 
Well, they kind of have been for the past few years. But I think they are classic. I love pairing these tougher jackets with a dress or with skinny jeans and heels to girl-it-up a bit.

My new outerwear purchase for this year. Colorful, perfect fit, gold buttons... 
I think having a colorful and fun peacoat is an important addition to your coat closet. They're a little unexpected and I definitely don't feel like I have to match it with whatever I'm wearing underneath. Just throw it on and it makes your outfit. I was so back and forth between the vintage berry and dublin green when I was ordering it from J. Crew. That green is still messing with my mind. But I thought a fun hot pink would be different for Fall and not like I was jumping on the emerald green "Fall trend" bandwagon. 
Maybe I over-thought that a bit... ;)
J. Crew has an AMAZING outerwear collection this season. I'm trying my best to stay away from that store for a while. 

3. un-boxy trench in a basic color... Express
Let's talk about that "un-boxy" word a bit. Trench coats can look boxy. I hate that. So look for one that has a feminine fit: Slightly tapered at the waist and with some fun details. You don't want it to look like grandpa's raincoat.
Also, you don't want it to look too trendy so it stays classic year after year. Look for details like unusual buttons or different trim.  I was drawn to the faux-leather piping on my black Express trench last year.  I don't see this exact one on the website anymore, but they have some GORGEOUS trench coats this season.

4. winter white wool coat... Moda Skirted Peacoat, Victorias Secret Online
I'm not seeing the winter white shade I purchased in this coat last year as an option on the VS website for this style, but they have lots of other winter white wool options on VS online as well.
Anyway, I LOVE the look of a winter white wool coat. This coat was by far, my favorite and most-worn coat last year.
...and most asked about by YOU all ;)
You can really get away with a wool coat of any shape in winter white while still flattering your shape. Winter white (or lighter coats in general) generally don't look like a "dark blob" like a lot of black coats can. White really shows up. So you can get away with a more classic peacoat shape in white and still have it look flattering. This one (also from VS online) is a great option I also love.
So get your hands on a version of this beauty this year. It's one of my favorite pieces ever.

5. black wool coat in a feminine shape...
Ok, so I didn't want to use the "un-boxy" word again, but seriously, black wool coats can look so plain. But we will use the "dark blob" word again. There's a thousand versions of black peacoats for sale every year by every brand. They can all look exactly alike. ...and very unflattering (dark blob...dark, boxy blob).
What I've loved about this one the past 3 years I've had it is it's fun and feminine shape at the waist. It's a bit cinched in with some cute button accents. It always draws compliments.  When I'm out and about in this coat, I get so many questions as to where I got it. It's the perfect basic coat and I love it.
While this exact one isn't on the website anymore, the "Skirted Peacoat" mentioned above in black would be perfect! They're very similar. Just look for something that accentuates your waist and looks tapered in at that area.

*Notice how I paired all of these coats with the SAME jeans and  black top, but different shoes and coats.  Just so you could see how different coats/jackets can dramatically change an outfit.  

Here are the looks...
black top: Target, jeans: 7 For All Mankind Skinnies, black heels: YSL Tributes, brown boots: Aldo, House of Harlow necklace
See what a difference a coat makes?

And, yes, I took all photos for this post with my iPhone.
...because let's just be real. When Brad isn't home and I have no one to take a photo of my outfit, breaking out the huge camera would cover up like half my outfit in the mirror. Just sayin'.

Coats and jackets can be expensive so I keep mine for years. If you invest in quality, classic pieces, you can wear them forever.  When you think about how often you wear them and what an impact they make on your look, the investment makes sense.
Overall, I'd say my favorite places to shop for coats are Victorias Secret Online, Express, and  J. Crew. I know, I know... Those just happen to be all the places I linked to in this post and where I bought the majority of what I showed, but I'm just being real. The best deals by far can be found at Victorias Secret Online. Also, check Target! I've seen them carry really awesome peacoats and trenches the past few Fall seasons.

Have you guys picked up any new coats for Fall? What's your fav look from this post?


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