How to Wear a Shirt Dress 2 Ways

I LOVE clothing items that are versatile. Not too often can you say a dress can also pull double duty as a shirt. I surprised even myself with this one.

outfit on left full details below/ shoes on right- Sam Edelman
I bought this "Evaline Silk Dress" several weeks back from Club Monaco and immediately fell in love with the easy shirt-like shape and pretty, feminine details. You may remember seeing it in my recent Fall Fashion video on my YouTube channel. I loved how it could be worn belted for a dressier feel with heels, or without a belt for a relaxed and more casual feel to wear with flats.
I honestly didn't think of wearing it as an actual shirt until I saw it hanging in my closet near my faux leather panel leggings.
 It transformed into a shirt flawlessly and to my surprise, looked like an actual shirt. No one would have guessed it was an actual dress.

Here's how I did it. It's SO easy. You can do this with any shirt dress you have that isn't too long and that buttons completely down the middle.

First, unbutton the bottom 10 inches or so of the dress. You can always adjust and unbutton more if you need it. You'll need to unbutton less than you think. I like mine to look kind of slouchy.

Grab both sides and tie that shirt up, late 80's style (gently).  You'll want to do this while wearing it to make it easier. I just did it on the hanger to show you.

Pull the ends until it feels secure. I found I didn't need to tie it again (like a knot) with this shirt. Probably because of the material and the buttons. It stayed in place nicely like this.

and, boom. It's a shirt. Easy as pie.

I wore mine with my black Tasha leggings from Club Monaco. I've been LOVING this store lately.  Some things there are a little pricey, but I think investing in a few key, unique wardrobe pieces here and there is worth it. Especially if you can see yourself wearing them year after year. ...and especially if you can wear them several ways like this dress.
Don't worry about tying your silk tops or dresses. When I was done wearing it, it wasn't too terribly wrinkled, but I lightly steamed it with my tiny touch-up steamer and it was perfect and ready to wear as a dress again.
I'll have to tell you about that bad boy soon...

Hope this inspires you guys to see more options to make your wardrobe more versatile. Check below for all the outfit details.

  • Evaline silk dress, Club Monaco
  • Tasha leggings in black, Club Monaco
  • shoes, Pour la Victoire (black suede)
  • locket, Club Monaco 
  • bag, Tory Burch
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