Recent Target Finds (Fashion & Home)

...and so starts a new little "series" for my blog.
Since I LOVE Target so much I wanted to start a new little series of posts that I'll do here and there all about great Target finds. It may be once a month, maybe twice. Who knows... I might just go crazy.
Target really has it all. I'm pretty much convinced I could survive the rest of my life by only shopping at Target. Home stuff, clothing for the whole fam, accessories, shoes, groceries, drugstore items, electronics... everything.
Here are my finds as of late...

So my mom spotted this AMAZING little dress during one of our recent Target excursions. It's part of the Kirna Zabete for Target line and it. is. fabulous.
This was me typically instagram-ing from the fitting room.

Isn't it precious?? I'm wearing it on the left with a little jacket I tried on from Target as well, but didn't buy. It's actually pretty cute and now I'm regretting my self-control that day. I mean I figured I was about to drop $45 on a dress from Target. Might as well put back the $24 jacket... :/
The necklace I was wearing that day is from Club Monaco and probably what I will pair with it. Oh, and it's really not as short as it looks in the photo.

Oh haaa-aay, SJP!
I mean, she obviously loves her some Target too.  I won't even comment on how she's wearing hers. There's no time. Also, we don't speak ill about SJP around here, guys.

Anyway, the quality is so great. Feels really nicely made and the material is really thick.  So many pretty details. You guys know I'm a total sucker lately for ANYTHING with black leather trim. Which is everywhere now, by the way.  It's SO perfect for Fall weather. I think I'm going to wear it with a jacket now (70s, high 60s) with heels or flats for a more casual look. When it gets cooler, I'll pair it with a jacket, black tights, and boots. It's a perfect transitional piece.
Check the details...

I'm reeeeeally loving it with my new Club Monaco jacket I finally caved and bought.

Oh and speaking of... Target,  can you team up with Club Monaco, please? I'd be camping-on-the-sidewalk, door-bustin' excited about that.

I also purchased these earrings that day.  Or I should say, my mom did. They got mixed in with her things when we were checking out, so I got a "surprise" gift from her that day. I love them. Very "deco".  I'm pretty sure they were $7.99.

They have SO many cutesy Halloween things right now as well. I couldn't resist these sweet little kitchen hand/dish towels...

...or these little skeeery skeleton hand servers.  They feel really solid and heavy. Pottery Barn had similar ones last year (and probably this year too) for twice the price. These were $12.99
Although when I showed my mom my amazing new purchase she made a good point. Upon showing her, she said something along the lines of, "...for all the extra salad you're serving around Halloween..."

....... :/

Oh well. They're fun to randomly touch people with and then watch freak them out. They also make excellent back-scratchers.
Is it bad that I kind of want to have a Halloween party just to use these? Although now I'm not sure many people would want to come now that they know what we've really been using these for...

Happy Shopping!! Have you guys found anything amazing at Tar-jay recently??

NOT a sponsored post. I just love Target.


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