Stageline Lipstick in #38 Review!

Stage Line is a brand that I hadn’t heard of until a few months ago, but learnt that they are a makeup range made for makeup artists.  The products (from the little I’ve seen) are of high quality, so thought I’d review one of their lippies for you today.

The first thing I noticed when trying this lipstick is how smoothly it applied onto my lips – it glided on leaving an intense amount of colour.  The formula is incredibly pigmented and soft and so it was a pleasure to use.  The colour itself is perfect for this A/W, a dark, cherry red.
There only negatives about this lippie is the price – it retails at £15, which is super expensive for a relatively unknown brand, in my opinion.  Another problem is the fact that as far as I know you can only buy them online at their website.  I don’t personally like buying makeup products without seeing them in the flesh first to be honest, as I like to see what colours I’m getting in real life.  I think if Stage Line lowered their prices and made their products more accessible, the brand would be fab!

You can buy Stageline products from their website -

Have you ever tried or heard of Stage Line products?  What is your favourite cherry red lipstick?


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