Famous Eyeshadow Palette in Exposed Review

Famous Cosmetics recently upgrading and revamped their range and from what I’ve seen, I love (you can read a review of one of their blushers here).  Today I am bringing you swatches and a review of one of their new ‘High Five’ Eyeshadow Palettes.


First things first, the packaging is great – very sturdy and fashionable, with a leopard print design and even diamantes, very flash for the high street.  This palette is called ‘Exposed’ and contains two matte shadows and three shimmer: the perfect combination if you ask me!  All five shadows are extremely pigmented and work together beautifully to create either a natural day look, or a smokey night look.  In the eye photo’s above I’ve used all three shimmer shades (along with lashings of mascara and eyeliner) to create a smouldering look for the evening.

The only negative I can find at all with this palette is perhaps the fact that because the eye shadows are so pigmented, there is quite a lot of fall out from the product (so just do your eyes first and then apply foundation/powder).  But apart from that, it is a stunning product which is an absolute steal at £4.99 in Superdrug stores!

Have you been eyeing up any of the Famous Eyeshadow Palettes?  Do you prefer shimmer or matte eye shadows?



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