What's In My Bag & Some Chain-Handled Handbag Love

I LOVE "What's In My Bag" posts. A handbag is such a personal thing. It's like all the best of everything you like that you MUST have with you, you know? A little peek into someone's personal life.  All the little possessions people have concealed on them at all times. Full of seeeeecrets...

Alright, maybe I'm taking it too far.
But seriously, I think you can tell a lot about a person by their purse's contents.

Even if mine is mostly makeup and a giant stick of deodorant... :/

Ok, let's not even think about what that must say about me.  I like to smell nice and have a million lipsticks on me at all times, so what? ;)

 Check out my video below for all the goods! 
(and all the junk I didn't photograph...)
OH and how could I forget the bag details??

Tory Burch Marion Tote
Here are some more similar chain-handled shoulder bags that I love...




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