Defining Eyes Pre-Launch Event PHOTOS & Palette FIRST LOOK!

First of all, I have to say how incredibly thankful I am to each and every one of you who took the time to come to my event at the Mall of America today. I was SO overwhelmed at how many of you were there! I seriously had the best time meeting you all and I'm SO very glad that you guys are LOVING my new Defining Eyes palette for Sigma Beauty.

Those that came today not only were able to purchase it almost a whole month early, but they got a pretty sweet discount too.
Oh, and the best part? They were the FIRST to see the inside! Before I get to all the fun event photos, do you guys want a peek?? ;)

WOOOHOOOO!! Here it is. Here's a better shot.

kit contains double ended brush, 8 eye shadows, 2 gel liners, and a double-ended eye pencil
The palette contains all the essentials for defining your eyes. Everything you need for the best liner and shadow tricks and techniques... All in one kit.  It also comes with a booklet showing 5 of my favorite techniques I use this palette for.
Here's a sneak peek of those below. These were part of the slideshow that played on the huge screen during the event...

Just realized we didn't get a photo of the fifth... Oh well, you'll have to get the palette to see!! haha, I'm terrible, I know. But seriously I'm just so excited about this palette I don't know what to do.
This baby has been in the works for about a year. Getting everything just right takes time!  Can you imagine how hard it was to keep this secret? The waiting almost killed me!

I created this palette especially for you all and seeing your reactions to it today for the first time IN PERSON was SO wonderful.

Right now, the OFFICIAL release date is set for November 26th. It will be available online to everyone at that date. I'm sure I'll have some sort of special offer for you guys during that time so no worries! I'll keep you in-the-know. ;)

Oh, and I'll be posting a detailed swatch post on the palette with all the details closer to the release date, so don't miss that!

Here are some photos Brad took at the event. Oh, speaking of... He had a great time too. ;)

I'll do another post soon when I get the pro photos from the event as well.  I wish I could post photos with everyone from today, but look out for the pro pics post soon. You could be in those too!

These girls were FIRST in line at the event :)

Cute hair bow, girl.

OH and how exciting is it that soon, you'll be able to get my Defining Eyes palette IN STORE at the Mall of America in the FIRST Sigma Beauty retail location? I'll share all the store details as soon as I can!

Again, everyone that came today, you guys are awesome. Seriously. One of the best days ever.  You all are amazing!


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