Real Techniques Brushes Review – Powder & Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques brushes have become a recent phenomena in the beauty world that beauty bloggers and vloggers alike have been using daily.  I have become a little obsessed with this range of brushes and unashamedly now own almost all of them and so the time has come to finally share these beauties with you guys!

Today I’m reviewing two brushes used for the base – the Powder Brush and the Expert Face Brush.


Powder Brush – This is by far the largest brush I own and also the softest and most gentle on my skin.  Before using this, I used to use The Body Shop’s Face & Body Brush which was good but not as good as this.  I find that the hairs on this brush are of a perfect density to pick up the perfect amount of powder to blot your face with.  I swirl this brush into my chosen powder, tap of the excess, and slightly dust over my face which leaves me with a layer of powder which doesn’t make me look cakey or chalky, nor does it leave me oily. 

Expert Face Brush – I started using the Expert Face Brush after trying out the RT Buffing Brush (which I adore and will review soon!).  This one is similar but the hairs are much denser, meaning that it picks up more product and leaves you with a heavier coverage when applying foundation.  I use this brush when my skin is particularly bad and just buff the cream or liquid foundation into my skin in circular motions.

What I Think – I am now a RT convert and use them every single day.  I can’t wait to review the other brushes for you guys, as they are a pleasure to use.  One thing that makes them so great is they are easily accessible in most Boots stores and they retail at a great price.  These brushes are of such a high quality (so soft, not scratchy on the skin in the slightest) and will last a very long time, so for £9.99 and £12.99, I highly recommend them!

Do you own any Real Techniques brushes?  What is your favourite brush range?



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