Some Makeup Hauling! Sephora & Drugstore

It's always a great feeling to step into a Sephora after MONTHS of not going or really buying much makeup period.  Especially when I'm walking through the door with a 20% off coupon and a long wishlist.

I had SO much fun shopping and exploring the store that day. It was seriously the best Sephora visit ever.
Around Atlanta, there are three Sephoras I usually visit. This visit to the one at Town Center mall in Kennesaw was so great I had to mention it. I normally don't call out specific stores, but I had the best experience there. From the helpful guy in the fragrance department to the awesome girls throughout the store. They were just extra awesome. Not just because they knew I was a blogger- I don't think the guy had any idea who I was and was so helpful and knowledgeable.  It just really made such a great difference.
Ok, I got carried away. Enough Sephora love.  But seriously, it was good stuff.

So I hit the Sephora Friends and Family sale (I explain all sale details in the video) and got some really awesome new goodies. I also took advantage of a 20% off sale (with coupon) at Ulta, where I purchased all drugstore items (except one).  Then I hit Target for a few more drugstore items I needed.
So both hauls have a little bit of everything, which is fun.

...So much fun that I won't be shopping for makeup for quite some time.
Check out the videos below for all the makeup-y haul goodness!

What are YOUR recent awesome makeup-y finds??


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