Basic Makeup Tips for Looking FAB in Photos

One of the most asked questions that comes my way involves makeup and photography. Specifically how to look amazing in photos. Because makeup plays such a huge role in photography, its important to know a few basic tips when it comes to choosing the right products when you know cameras are going to be pointed your way.
Here are my best basic tips:
  • Use a primer made specifically for "blurring" pores and mattifying skin on areas of enlarged pores or where shine breaks through.  
  • Choose a foundation with a more matte or natural finish that is long-wearing
  • Avoid loose powder to set your foundation. Choose a pressed powder that has a more natural finish and apply it sparingly.
  • Choose a blush without heavy frost or shimmer
  • Choose eye shadows without a lot of frost. Using all frosted eye shadows can sometimes cause them to photograph similar and wash out the color. Choose highly pigmented shades in matte formulas or ones with a light sparkle or shimmer instead.
  • Don't skimp on liner or volumizing mascara! Making your lashes stand out is key in flattering your eyes in photography. Liner on your upper lashlines and volumizing mascara does the trick. You can also opt for false lashes if yours are very short or for an extra dramatic effect.
  • Light contouring and highlighting can make a huge difference (see video for specific techniques)
  • Choose a lip color darker than your natural lip shade with a bit of shine or shimmer
For more tips and info on specific products I always reach for when I'm being photographed, check out my video below all about makeup for photos!


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