My Morning Skincare Routine

In the midst of our moving madness around here, I decided to film a much-requested video as of late... My Skincare Routine. However, since my morning and night-time routines are very different, I decided to separate the two into different videos.
Those of you who have followed me for the past several years have probably noticed my skincare routine has never changed too much. I'm the type of person to stick with what works. As the years have passed *cough* I've gotten older *cough* and my skin has definitely changed. It's gotten a bit dryer and far more... finicky. Yes, that's the perfect word, finicky.  So months back, I decided to change things up a bit. I'm so happy that I've found some great things and a routine that is perfect for me. For this new routine, I definitely don't stick to one particular brand or line.  I found that it was actually a lot easier to put together the perfect regimen by selecting separate products by different brands that were suited to my skin type and which did exactly what I wanted them to do.

So here they are... My new Morning Skincare Products.  Also don't miss my actual Morning Skincare Routine video for more tips on the products and how I use them!

  • Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser
  • Perricone Serum Prep 
  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
  • Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion
  • Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge Rescue and Protect Eye Balm

*Stay tuned for my new Night-Time Skincare Routine video coming up next!


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